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Commission of Mitsu's cute fursona. A simplified version :> I really enjoy making dolls like this. My favorite part of this one is the super big and floppy tail. I forgot to measure this one but she sits at least 12” tall, possibly a bit taller. The majority was machine sewn, with a bit of handsewn detailing. This commission was done as a surprise gift and it was super hard to keep quiet about it!! 

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A friend recently gifted me a shiny Eevee and I fell in love with shiny Sylveon shortly after evolving it. This doll was a quick personal project. Sometimes I have to do things like this to remind myself that I am still sewing for fun and not just work!

I got to experiment with oval shaped noses and eyes with this one. I think I’ll definitely be using them again. ETA on this one was about 5 hrs. I worked through the superbowl on sunday…. The majority of it was handsewing, so it took longer than I thought it would.

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Lifesize Magikarp! Made this back in December for my sister who’s favorite pokemon is Magikarp. Made entirely of minky and is mostly handsewn. The mouth extends all the way to the tail so that you can…? Put your entire arm inside? Hide things? …

Unsure of the completion time. I worked frantically though two nights while my sister was away at school! It was a holiday gift.

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dogsdontbegforpaychecks asked: Have you ever heard of The Legend of Zelda [Twilight Princess]? I've seen some of your other plushies (they're beautiful!!!) and I think you could make a fabulous wolf Link uwu

twilight princess is my favorite zelda title :’D wolf link is definitely on my list of things i’d like to make eventually!

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puppynaegi asked: hi! idk if this has been asked before, but how do you paint patterns on your dolls? I'm really curious how you got your ookami dolls' tattoos appear so neatly :">

i use copic marker <: i used to use a sort of chalky-paste stuff that i think was oil based? it was really hard to get off with water, but left a strange oily texture and i wasnt fond of it. the copic markers are alchohol based and dont leave any sort of texture; and i havent had any issues with it washing out. super good for small detailing also <:

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Do not do business with a user named ‘PocketPika’


Here it is. My commission horror story. 

I had originally decided not to shame this person publicly, considering they are pretty young, and I did not want to be seen as a bully— however, it is not only this person, but their parents, who are the culprits behind the abuse I suffered the past 6 months. I don’t think her behavior should be encouraged repeated. Under the cut is the full story.

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